Reality in our century

is not something to be faced

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about me;

writer. beta. reader. perpetual student. the creative homeplace of the a user and author,

for the past ten years gracing various fandoms, from real people to tv shows to books. while many of those fics, especially the ones from lpfiction, have since been lost and real life has consumed my time in recent years, the ever persistent urge to write is always there. This journal has been revived for a new time by a new person.


currently working on fics for sherlock holmes incarnations, psych, the stargate franchise and whatever takes my fancy.

This journal is semi-public. Fics are available for public viewing but other matters are friends only.
I have a mutual friending policy so add away. Constructive criticism is always welcome, of course :)

There will be adult concepts such as slash, death and violence. Respect the writing and the comments of others (and the man love)